About Us

Arvida Nautical Holdings LLC is a global lessor of nautical vessels that service a multitude of industrial needs throughout the world, including cargo transportation, ocean towing, marine construction, marine dredging, barge charters and salvage operations. Arvida maintains a diversified portfolio of vessels which are leased to international end users utilizing long term bare boat charter agreements.

Our mission is to provide the nautical community a lower-cost more efficient alternative to direct ownership while aligning interests of both capital providers and operational users. We accomplish this by creating value through a detailed and in-depth due diligence of vessels for acquisition that can be readily placed into service in markets that will allow for long term bareboat leases. This acquisition process is critical to our ability to create and maintain long term sustainable value for our lessees.

We are staffed with former industry leaders with over 200 years of combined experience who are responsible for all financial and strategic management decisions within the company. Additionally, while our headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas, we continue to maintain offices throughout key strategic markets to allow us to better service our customer needs.